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African Progress: Afro-Pessimism Redux?
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"Making Leaders". ALPN founder/director, Dr. Michael Isimbabi's letter in The Economist

African Leadership & Progress Briefs

The Mo Ibrahim African Governance Index and Leadership Prize Revisited: How Dr. Ibrahim and Other Well-Off Africans Can Best Foster Good Governance in African Countries


Addressing Africas Humiliation: 'Brain Gain'/'Brain Circulation' Diaspora Networks for African Progress


After the 2005 G8 and UN Summits: Independent, High-Impact Information Infrastructures and Networks for Transparency and Accountability in African Countries


Leadership & Governance Capacity Building in African Countries: Why and How Well-Off and Accomplished Africans, Especially "Brain Drain" Africans, Should Proactively Take Charge of Fostering African Progress

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The Mo Ibrahim African Governance Index and Leadership Prize - Commentaries & Critiques

Illicit Capital Flows, Tax Evasion, and African Development

Brain Drain, Brain Gain, Brain Circulation, Diaspora Africans, and Capacity Building in Africa

Perspectives on African Leadership, NEPAD, the African Union, Etc.


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