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The African Leadership Capacity Development Project
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The African Investment Environment & Capital Flows

Emerging Transformational African Leaders

The Blair Commission for Africa: Commentaries & Critiques
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The African Leadership & Progress Brief                                               

Leadership & Governance Capacity Building in African Countries:     Why and How Well-Off and Accomplished Africans, Especially "Brain Drain" Africans, Should Proactively Take Charge of Fostering African Progress


The African Leadership and Progress Network, Inc.


The African Leadership and Progress Network, Inc. [ALPN] is a nonprofit organization located in Washington, DC, and Abuja, Nigeria.


ALPN is a network of African and non-African professionals who are strongly dedicated to utilizing innovative and entrepreneurial approaches for fostering rapid progress in Africa.


Our mission is to help bring about faster private sector-driven economic growth and poverty alleviation in African countries through various initiatives that are rooted in knowledge and information.


ALPN's activities involve education, training, research, analysis, information dissemination, networking, and advocacy in several areas:

  • Leadership & governance

  • Leadership capacity development

  • US policy

  • The African investment environment
  • Foreign & domestic investment and capital flows
  • Regional integration, NEPAD, the African Union, etc.
  • Harnessing and transfer of knowledge/intellectual capital and technology
  • Development of leadership and professional networks

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